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Frequently Asked Questions

How does work? is a task tracking Web app for school and job application tracking. It allows you to add your applications to a centralized dashboard where you can easily see what’s in progress, what’s due next, and what you’ve completed. If you need more information, take a tour!
How much does it cost?
It's free! You can track your applications, get email reminders, and sync due dates with your calendar – all for free! We hope to offer premium memberships down the road, which will allow members to track additional layers of information, but for now, it's all free!
Who is designed for?
It's for busy job seekers and students - anyone juggling multiple applications, and therefore multiple due dates, criteria, and priorities. Unlike a static excel sheet, provides users with suggested application fields to track, email reminders, and calendar syncing to keep you on top of everything.
Can I invite others to try
Why, you sweetheart, of course you can! Click the Tell Your Friends button (also located on the right hand side of your Dashboard) – from there you can fill in your friends' addresses.
Free Giveaway! – Down the road we'll be offering rewards (gift cards and other prizes) for referrals. It's not in place yet, but we'll definitely keep track of any referrals you make now and count them toward the future contest.
How do the calendar sync and email reminders work?
When you click on the My Settings button, you’ll see the options for syncing your calendar. We provide a unique URL that you can add to you calendar of choice (Outlook, Google, etc.). Click here to check it out.
Email reminders are available in various places when you Add an Application and can be changed or updated as often as you want. Simply select the day you want the reminder sent, and we'll shoot you an email at 4:00 AM central time that day.
Can I change my login password?
Yup – it's under the My Settings button as well – check it out here.
Are my passwords safe?
Absolutely. The passwords are transferred over SSL encryption. Then, before they enter storage, they are 256 bit encrypted with unique salts. No one can see your passwords, not even us!