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If you’re looking for a job these days, then you are constantly checking job boards, stalking companies, looking for employment trends, resume tips, applying for jobs, or anything else that can get you a job. You probably read a ton of blogs too, which provide all the valuable information you use when stalking and applying to companies.

The problem is that there are a billion of them. Some are link farms and a total click waste, some are so-so, and some are solid. Rather than have you weed through all that mess to find ones that can actually help you, I’ve gathered five of the best job search blogs.

I know, I write a job search blog so why would I direct you to other job search blogs? While I do like to think I provide some assistance to those looking to change careers or just get a job, I’m not quite deluded enough to think I have all the answers. I mean, do I really think you are going to read just my blog and ignore the others? Ha! But I’d rather direct you to the good ones, that way you aren’t burned out from looking through all the crap by the time you come back here. So, it’s win-win-win (for you, me, and the blogs below).

Here they are – the best around:

Blogger Jenny Blake, recently-formerly of Google, takes on a fun yet professional tone, covering a wide range of topics that appeal to all job seekers (interview tips, public speaking, entrepreneurship). It’s inspiring, informational, and actually pretty exciting content. She’s sort of a Tim Ferriss for job seekers/young professionals, meaning she proposes big things, big ideas, and big moves. Hers is a very empowering, ambitious message, two characteristics I love about a person or blog.

– Pros: It has the personality and enthusiasm that’s missing from the bigger, corporate blogs. She pushes the reader to swing for the fences – always a good message. Also, she has a ton of cool templates that make Pros/Cons lists like this look drab and stupid. From a Decision-Making template to a Dating/Break-up template, there’s a template for just about everything. – Cons: A lot of the blog deals with her book and her beginnings as an author. Now, I happen to find that pretty interesting, but some job hunters might not find it totally relevant to their objectives.

Standout posts: Skills Are Cheap, Passion is Priceless, Live for the Dip, Stop Auditioning for Other People’s Lives

Full disclosure, I’m a contributing author for this blog. That being said, I write for them because I genuinely admire the site’s content, subjects, and authors. There have been several instances where I read through one article on the site, and then another, and on to another, all the while thinking, “Huh – never thought of that.”

While the site is probably more of a career/next-gen professional blog, they have plenty of posts on job hunting, interviews, and networking. They also have a cool feature called Network Roulette, basically speed dating for networking, and Virtual Recruiting Events, where you are paired in a chat room with a random person in the event for 30-60 seconds. I’ve done several of these (here’s an article I wrote about Brazen long before I started writing for them) and they are always beneficial.

– Pros: Useful content, written with personality and creative angles, Network Roulette, and a killer new design.
– Cons: Still fairly young, so their total book of content is somewhat small.

A few standouts (none are mine): If Networking Makes You Want to Vom, This Post is for You, Are People Who Don’t Have Children Discriminated Against at Work?

I like Doostang because I seem to get a lot out of the posts I read, because their Twitter output is always interesting, and because they list a round-up of available jobs each week (though when the jobs are at the top of the blog it looks the entire above-the-fold section is ads. It almost tempts the viewer to bounce off the site.) They also have a cool Career Insights section where they take the reader through different career fields like accounting, advertising, biotech, and more. Sort of like our How to Get My Job features.

– Pros: Solid content, easy-to-follow layout, good Twitter output
– Cons: Have to be a member to see some content (though you can browse everything for free). Paid memberships are required to apply for any of the jobs listed. Job listings are nice, but they look a little to Google Adsense-y

A few standouts: How to be a Team Player, Networking Advice for the Shy Job Seeker

I know, the major job boards get a lot of grief for being too hard to navigate and too big to actually find a job. That might sound counter-intuitive, but they really can be overwhelming. Plus, back in the day I had to jump through so many hoops that searching on job boards became more of a headache than it was worth. The Monster Blog shouldn’t be looped in with any criticism of the actual job board, however.

– Pros: A ton of good content that’s well researched and relevant to job seekers
– Cons: They come off as kind of corporate-y, so there’s not much personality in the posts

A few standouts: The Right Questions to Ask in a Job Interview, 5 Steps to Career Success

Because it’s a blog attached to a major job board/job search tool, Simply Hired is able to feature some high-profile career writers. Best-selling authors, reporters for major publications, and thought leaders appear throughout the blog. Not surprisingly, this leads to a lot of well-written, informed posts. The site also has helpful tools like a salary calculator and comparison feature.

– Pros: Tons of information on just about every aspect of the job search, written by pros, along with a few helpful tools for the job seeker
– Cons: Simply Hired is first and foremost a jobs board, so you’ll have to deal with the occasional company plug. But, hey, you do that here too so it can’t be that big a deal :)

Standout post: Finding a New Job As If Your Life Depended on It: Part Three – Think Like a Consultant

OK, there you have it. Start with those and you’re sure to get your fill of great job search insights, advice, and strategy. I’m always looking for standout job search blogs, so if more catch my eye in the future, which is inevitable, you’ll probably see a follow-on post to this one. For now, enjoy these solid job search blogs!

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