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What’s a company like Zappos most known for? Hands-down the answer has to be customer service. They’ve built their reputation on easy, friendly, and downright enjoyable customer service. Want to buy something from Zappos? Not only is shipping free, but so is return shipping. Got a problem with your order? You’ll not only find capable people on the other end, but they’re likely to be one of the nicest people you talk to all day. Amazing, and rare.

What’s the key to having the best customer service? Well, it’s got to be the people delivering said service, right. The people interacting with customers. In short, it’s the people.

If Zappos delivers the best customer service by recruiting the best people, how do they do it? Well, as with everything else Zappos does, they’re using less traditional means to get the job done. Namely, they are leveraging social recruiting to find the best candidates, in the space those candidates are active, to hire the best of the best. The results are a more tailored, well-qualified candidate, at a much cheaper price than headhunters or job boards. Better for cheaper? Yep – that’s just what Zappos does.

So is Zappos alone? Are they the only ones actively using social recruiting? Hardly. In fact, 89% of companies will use social networks when recruiting talent in 2011, and 64% have already hired someone using a social network. Well over half are not just using social recruiting to search for and vet candidates, they are getting actual hires out of it. If you’re not actively using social recruiting, you’re already way behind those that do, and you’re losing more ground everyday.

If you’re interested in learning more about social recruiting and hearing from the best in the business – including a senior HR manager and a recruiting supervisor from Zappos – the Brazen folks have you covered with their Social Recruiting Bootcamp. The last social media bootcamp was such a hit they’ve decided create a program specifically for those interested in social recruiting.

Again, I’ve worked with Brazen Careerist for a long time now (read my latest post!), and their bootcamps offer more than your standard online course. I spent over $1,000 on continuing education last year alone, out of my own pocket, so I know a good course when I see it (and when I don’t!).

Here’s the sign up page if you’re interested.

I talk with job hunters and recruiters alike and I know there’s a big disconnect between the two. Brazen’s in a good spot to bridge that gap because they’re able to mesh their deep Gen Y expertise with the perspective of cutting edge recruiters. That allows them to tailor the best professional advice to that of the job seeker. Both sides win from this exchange.

The Social Recruiting Bootcamp is obviously great for those looking to expand their social recruiting tactics, strategy, and knowledge. Chances are good that your company will pay for it.

For the Job Seeker
This might not be the most obvious course for job seekers, but being obvious isn’t what makes an outstanding job seeker. The course is also great for someone looking to learn what makes a recruiter tick. Say you want to work for Zappos in the worst way, it would be very interesting to learn where they look for talent and what search criteria they use, no? Once you learn that, you can tailor your resume and profile to show up in that very space. This is a look behind the curtain for job seekers. It’s what hustlers do to get the inside track.

Heads-up: If you sign up by October 23 (three days away), you get in for $245 – after that it goes up a hundred bucks. The absolute deadline is November 4 and they are not known to extend registration dates.

If what you learn in this course results in one hire, it will have more-than paid for itself in saved advertising and headhunter costs. Oh, and as always, if you don’t like the course you get your money back, simple as that. If you’re interested, you should talk to your boss today and see if he or she will cover it. If you want the inside track on how the best companies recruit using social media, this is a great opportunity.

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