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Two Weeks of FORCED Vacation for Bankers?

Photo: Dennis Wong Thanks to a tweet by Ramit Sethi, I saw a very intriguing statement by the FDIC regarding paid time off for bank employees. In short, the FDIC strongly urges banks to basically impose at least 14 consecutive days away from work for all active bankers.

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Career Lessons from a Navy SEAL

Photo: Seaman Kyle Gahlau I’ve been reading the book No Easy Day about the raid that killed Usama Bin Laden (apparently the CIA and FBI use the “U” spelling of “Usama” so that’s good enough for me). The book is really interesting and definitely a great read if you’re into special forces operations. It also contains some […]

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Is Unemployment Really Down, or Are We Being Duped?

Photo: Marco Magrini There’s been a lot of news this week about unemployment and new jobless claims being down, in the case of new jobless claims, way down. I’ve written about how to figure out the jobs numbers before, and I’m skeptical about what these numbers actually mean. Because they are compiled from incomplete and […]

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Does Social Media Hurt Our Decision Making?

Photo:  Buzz Bishop Earlier this year I wrote about how, despite being dreadfully late to the game, I am a huge social media fan and consumer. Despite several instincts to the contrary, I really do see phenomenal value in sharing ideas instantly across many different media (yes, even the trivial stuff). But today I read […]

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