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60 Minutes and Bad Employment Laws

Photo:  Leo Reynolds If you don’t watch 60 Minutes, you’re seriously missing out on what I’d consider the most informative show on TV. Give it a shot this Sunday, it’s awesome. Lately they’ve been making news by reporting the news. After airing a story about the STOCK Act, a bill aimed at barring politicians from […]

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Is Unemployment Really Down, or Are We Being Duped?

Photo: Marco Magrini There’s been a lot of news this week about unemployment and new jobless claims being down, in the case of new jobless claims, way down. I’ve written about how to figure out the jobs numbers before, and I’m skeptical about what these numbers actually mean. Because they are compiled from incomplete and […]

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‘Unemployed Need Not Apply’ – Should it be Illegal?

Photo:  姒儿喵喵 An problem with passing any given law is that unintended consequences inevitably follow. I’ve written about this before, like in this letter to the editor in the Financial Times in 2008. In it I draw a parallel between market intervention and time travel, saying both are way too complex and have too many […]

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Employment and Education Trends – Article Review

Photo:  DonkeyHotey Over the past few days I’ve been reading a very interesting article in The Atlantic. Yes, I said “over the past few days,” and I’m convinced that no human could consume an article this long in a single sitting. The Atlantic is one of the oldest publications in the country (over 150 years) […]

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Figuring Out the Jobs Numbers

Photo:  Toni Blay So – week after week we get updates on the nation’s unemployment numbers.  Right now, 9.3% unemployment is the reigning figure.  So that means 9.3% of the country is unemployed, right?  Ah, no.  It’s much more complicated than that, and the picture gets worse for job seekers when you look at the […]

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