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A Condom Down the Pipes (Why colleges should teach more life skills)

Photo:  erika dot net A few months ago, one of my friends got a condom clogged in his toilet. Seriously. It wasn’t even his doing, but it did spark a conversation about how college prepares people (or doesn’t) for real life.

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What Generation Has Suffered Most in This Economy?

Photo:   Tom Giebel I had lunch with a recruiter this week, and halfway through the meal our conversation moved to the difficulties of “older” workers in this recession. On the front end, many have lost their jobs while on the back end their assets have totally collapsed. Because of their age (and, ironically, their […]

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How the Job Search Can Improve Your Current Job

Photo:  Frank Kehren This is an excerpt from post I did for Brazen Careerist, a great social network for Generation Y professionals.  To read the article in its entirety, check out the link to Brazen’s site below. Update: Full post now available below. I have to admit – I sort of like looking for jobs. That’s downright […]

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