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Can an Interviewer Ask for Your Facebook Password?

Photo:  birgerking I recently saw this article from The Atlantic, and this AP story (currently with over 800 comments) that both talk about the rising prevalence of interviewers asking candidates for their Facebook passwords. Not user IDs or handles – their passwords. I’m really worked up about this because I think it’s not only inappropriate […]

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Are You a Consumer or Contributor?

Photo:  Casey Hussein Bisson One of my favorite podcasts – if that’s even the correct term – is the Random Show with Kevin Rose and Tim Ferris. Kevin Rose is founder and former CEO of, while Tim Ferris is known for the wildly and increasingly popular 4-Hour series (4-Hour Body, 4-Hour Workweek, and the […]

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Get the Inside Track on Social Recruiting

Photo:  Daryl Williams What’s a company like Zappos most known for? Hands-down the answer has to be customer service. They’ve built their reputation on easy, friendly, and downright enjoyable customer service. Want to buy something from Zappos? Not only is shipping free, but so is return shipping. Got a problem with your order? You’ll not […]

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Positive Social Media Example

Photo:  Michael Johnson With so many people claiming to be social media experts, and even more companies wanting to be active in the social space (even when they don’t know why or what that means), it’s refreshing to find a company who does it right. Here’s a story where standard policies almost ruin a customer […]

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How to Become a Social Media Pro

Photo: Rebecca Bollwitt Most people fall into one of three groups when it comes to social media (roughly):  the virtually clueless, the aware/proficient, and the Pros. I’ll define and explain each below, but first I have a confession. I was not only a long-time hold out on social media, but a staunch and vociferous hater. […]

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