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Sales Lesson I Learned Raising Money for Charity

In 2012, I was on a team of friends and family that raised over $5,000 for Livestrong by running the Chicago Marathon. While I was worried about badgering people during the fundraising process, I learned a valuable lesson that applies to just about any sales pitch (and one more reason you should consider a job in […]

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Why You Should Consider Taking That Sleazy Sales Job

Photo:  Donovan Green This is a post I originally did for Brazen Careerist, a great social network for Generation Y professionals. The article is now available in its entirety below. Recent college grads often think, “Meh/ugh (or some other whiny noise), I don’t want to do sales.” Either they think a sales job is beneath them, they don’t […]

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How to Sell (Pitch, Convince, Etc.)

Photo: I was watching Foundation with Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss and wanted to share a cool tip I heard in the interview. Foundation, by the way, is a new series Kevin Rose put together where he interviews famous CEOs and asks them questions about their background, startup history, management philosophy, and future projects. Rose has a really […]

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