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Job Search – How to Develop a Personal Brand

Photo by:  Emily Rose This is a guest post from Rebecca Samuelson of The Black Sheep Magazine at Virginia Tech, an alternative publication specifically for college students. Rebecca’s one of those people I hate – someone with a strong science/engineering background who is also very creative and communicates really well. I know – they’re the worst […]

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Networking – How to Meet People and Make an Impression

Photo:  Rinkos The other morning I attended an entrepreneurs breakfast.  It was a chance for people to talk about their company, any challenges they might be facing, and offer help to others who might be facing similar problems.  A networking event to be sure, but a bit more laid back than, say, a venture capital […]

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How I Started My Business

Photo: tomkellyphoto I’ve been thinking about my business a lot lately and wondering how to make it better. While debating changes for the future, I started thinking about how the site came into being. When I was looking to start a company of my own (before I had any real ideas), I scoured the web […]

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Get a Job the New-Fashioned Way

Photo: Håkan Dahlström Today I tried out Network Roulette on Brazen Careerist. For those unfamiliar, Brazen Careerist is a social network for Gen Ys to create and expand their professional network (and one of our favorites). Network Roulette is like speed dating for networking –

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Being a Stalker Has its Perks

(Photo: Wanda G) So – you’re on the hunt for a new job.  Maybe you’re starting a new career, maybe you’re just getting your career started.  Maybe you’re new to the job search, maybe you’ve been at it for a while.  Either way, you need to be an informed searcher. 

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How to Optimize Your Job Search Part 1 – New Networking

(Photo:  Sprengben) I realize using social media to meet people is hardly new, but it’s new in comparison to the approaches outlined here. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. add a layer of personal interaction to the application process, and can produce introductions and leads. Let me begin by digressing (wait, what?). 

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Why Informational Interviews Work

Go offline to to enhance your job search.  You’ll be happy you did. (Photo:  Mel B.) Informational interviews simply work.  I would even submit that they are more effective now than in the last few years, because people seem to use them less and less.  Why?  Because face to face interaction is inconvenient, (somewhat) difficult, […]

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Breaking the Application Addiction

(Photo: Daniel*1977) These days it’s very easy to park yourself in front of the computer, compile a list of prospective jobs, and start applying. [Note: By easy, I mean straightforward. We all know that hurling out application after application is not “easy”. It sucks. It’s time consuming, annoying, and, if you’re not getting lots of […]

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