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Everyone is Bluffing

Photo:  Eoin O’Neill Have you ever met someone who just exudes confidence? Conversely, have you ever felt yourself recoil upon realizing (or thinking) that you were under-qualified or out-matched? Surprisingly, you and the confidence-oozer probably had the same anxiety over being viewed as not good enough. The difference lies in how you each dressed up […]

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How to Answer Salary Questions During an Interview

Photo:  Edoardo Bonaccorsi Yesterday I spoke with someone who had just done a casual phone interview. The recruiter had reached out to her and wanted to discuss an open position. The interviewee had a few smart questions ready and was prepared to sell herself. One thing we didn’t consider a probable topic was the interviewee’s […]

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Can an Interviewer Ask for Your Facebook Password?

Photo:  birgerking I recently saw this article from The Atlantic, and this AP story (currently with over 800 comments) that both talk about the rising prevalence of interviewers asking candidates for their Facebook passwords. Not user IDs or handles – their passwords. I’m really worked up about this because I think it’s not only inappropriate […]

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What You Say Matters

Photo:  Alfonso I was lucky enough to travel overseas recently, one of my favorite things to do in life. My wife and I were having a drink at our swim-up pool bar (also one of my favorite things to do in life), and ended up meeting another couple from Germany. Confusingly enough, he, Pepe, was […]

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Are You a Good Storyteller?

Photo:  MaryLynn I recently wrote about the importance of selling and how to sell. Not that I was trying to write an exhaustive manifesto on the art of selling, but I realize that I left out a key part of any successful sale – storytelling. This Forbes article, which is really just a summary of […]

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“Oops” – How to Avoid a Rick Perry Gaffe During an Interview

In case you didn’t catch the Republican debate last night (I didn’t), the news of former Texas Governor Rick Perry’s has been difficult to avoid. To recap, Governor Perry was detailing what agencies of government he would do away with if/when elected President. He went on to name two and then was unable to name […]

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Headhunters Don’t Work for You

Here’s another video post today – this one about headhunters. A lot of job seekers think headhunters work for them – watch the short video and learn how that’s very, very wrong.          

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Job Interviews – How to Follow Up Effectively

Photo: Today we’re going to talk about how to follow up effectively.  Following up is a critical skill set to develop, mainly because getting something we want, the way we want, when we want, the first time is all too rare. You can all probably relate to the number of notes, emails, voicemails, and […]

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Behind the Scenes with

Here’s a quick video introduction of me – Tim Murphy – the founder of and the ApplyMate blog. I hope to do more of these in the future, sometimes with just me talking, sometimes with me interviewing others. For example, I might have a feature where I interview people with cool jobs to see […]

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Your Must-Have Job Gear: Suits

(Photo: assbach) I don’t know about you, but I love gear. Any kind of gear – travel, hiking, sports, anything. There is nothing like putting on new “stuff” before a big trip or event. Strangely, it makes an exciting event even better if you’re sporting a new “thing”. So if that’s the case, wouldn’t having […]

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