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How Spycraft and a Cup of Coffee Got Me a Job

Photo:  mr. nightshade I’ve done several blog posts about the power of informational interviews.  I’ve even shared my own success story, but I realized today that I only told half of that story.  The real success is alluded to in that last post, but here’s the full story of how a cup of coffee got […]

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Why Informational Interviews Work

Go offline to to enhance your job search.  You’ll be happy you did. (Photo:  Mel B.) Informational interviews simply work.  I would even submit that they are more effective now than in the last few years, because people seem to use them less and less.  Why?  Because face to face interaction is inconvenient, (somewhat) difficult, […]

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Informational Interview Success Story

A face-to-face meeting can do wonders.  Try it. (Photo:  Shaun Wong) This is a personal anecdote of how one informational interview worked for me, on many levels.  It’s longer than most posts – just wanted to warn you.  Hope you find it interesting.  If not, let me know in the comments.  If you’d like more […]

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Breaking the Application Addiction

(Photo: Daniel*1977) These days it’s very easy to park yourself in front of the computer, compile a list of prospective jobs, and start applying. [Note: By easy, I mean straightforward. We all know that hurling out application after application is not “easy”. It sucks. It’s time consuming, annoying, and, if you’re not getting lots of […]

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