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Dealing with Pressure

I recently signed up to do my first ultra marathon – a 50-mile trail race called The North Face Endurance Challenge. I’ve done regular marathons, but this is a totally new animal. New gear, new training methods, new paces, new nutrition – new everything. Arguably the best in the sport of ultra trail running is […]

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Atlas Shrugged and Productivity

Photo:  Francisco Diez Earlier today, when I was waiting for the notary who was AN HOUR LATE to my refinance closing, I obviously opened up my Facebook page to kill time while I waited. Now, I have many issues with Ayn Rand, but I’m still a huge Atlas Shrugged fan. No, I don’t dream of a sharp-elbowed society […]

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The Best Freelancer I’ve Worked With

Photo: Torben Hansen Between ApplyMate, The Mint Manual, and my day job, I’ve worked with a lot of freelancers. Probably two dozen between foreign and domestic contractors. “Tim, is that because you don’t really have a skill set of your own so you need to hire other people to make stuff for you?” Um, yes. […]

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When Excuses Are Good

Photo:  Kyle MacDonald We often hear the phrase, “Losers make excuses.” I like that phrase, and find it’s mostly true. But it’s too negative to be much help. It’s just an aimless criticism that kind of hangs there. So instead, I’d like to offer a different spin on that adage. Excuses are good, when applied […]

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What Fear is Afraid Of

Photo:  Bart van Maarseveen Whenever I procrastinate, it’s usually over something that just isn’t a big deal.  It might be a mildly unpleasant task – like doing my taxes, a side project, or cleaning the house, but it’s never that awful. I’m afraid it will be terrible or difficult, so the job gets delayed, then […]

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It’s Good to be Bad at Stuff

That’s me.                                                                            Photo:  DelosJ OK, no it isn’t.                       […]

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How to Sell (Pitch, Convince, Etc.)

Photo: I was watching Foundation with Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss and wanted to share a cool tip I heard in the interview. Foundation, by the way, is a new series Kevin Rose put together where he interviews famous CEOs and asks them questions about their background, startup history, management philosophy, and future projects. Rose has a really […]

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The Secret to Freelancing

Photo:  James Carter As someone who operates a job hunting website and career blog, but doesn’t have any formal web development training, I work with lot of freelancers. For the same reasons, I also read and write a lot about entrepreneurship, start-ups, side businesses, and, yes, freelancers. There is a ton of advice for aspiring […]

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Revealing My Goals – Successes and Failures

Photo:  sandcastlematt Hello all! First of all, I apologize that it’s been so long since my last post. This is the longest hiatus I’ve allowed for a long time, so I hope you’ll forgive me if you came to the site a few times expecting new content only to be disappointed. I had some significant […]

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How to Negotiate a Raise (or other perks) in a Recession

Photo:  Guiri R. Reyes With unemployment staying stubbornly high at 9.1%, those who are lucky enough to have a job might be feeling kind of stuck (though some are still planning to leave). They don’t want to jump into the unemployment pool, but they feel undervalued and unfulfilled in their job. Rather than staying at […]

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