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9 Ways to Improve Your Life (and the lives of those around you)

See #5 below Below is a list of ways to improve your life that have occurred to me over the past week or so. They aren’t always easy to follow, and I don’t claim to be a perfect practitioner, but they’re good to think about and work toward. All of them do require you to […]

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Money Isn’t Holding You Back, Excuses Are

Photo: David Goehring I recently wrote that insecure people are ugly. They are, but this pathetic excuse-maker on Reddit (found via @Ramit) is uglier, bitching that only people with money can become wealthy or “make it.” I can’t stand excuses like this. Let’s begin with the most obvious. Your problem isn’t a lack of money, […]

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Insecure People Are Ugly

From Michelangelo’s The Last Judgement I like to watch people’s reactions when they hear about someone else’s good news. Whether it’s a promotion, a big sale, or some other big win, good news can bring out the worst in people. Why? In my experience, it’s all about one’s personal security (or insecurity). The more insecure […]

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Ben Franklin and the Stolen iPad

Photo: nathanmac87 As I mentioned in my last post, I recently traveled to Asia. From Shanghai we went on to Taiwan, where most of my wife’s family still lives. After some time in Taipei, we went to picturesque Hualien (which was amazingly beautiful, if you’re ever so inclined. Hualien easily stands up to the likes of […]

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If They Don’t “Get” It, It’s Probably Your Fault

Photo:  Alex Proimos Today I overheard a conversation about a person’s startup that really caught my attention and got me thinking. Was I eavesdropping? Well, they were talking directly behind me during lunch, so it’s not like I could avoid it. But that being said, yeah, I kind of was. The one guy was talking […]

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The Importance of Saying “No”

Photo:  Teresa Trimm You know those few people in your life that EVERYONE likes? They are just so damned positive, outgoing, funny, and pleasant to be around that they get along with the world. I’ve been lucky enough to know a few of those people in my life, but with one of them a key […]

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Your Job Doesn’t Make You Better Than Anyone Else

Photo:  Paul G I play on two soccer leagues in Chicago, and while I never played in high school so my skills are limited, I really love playing. It’s a great workout (especially to add variety to the running), it’s fun, and I happen to be play with some really cool, talented folks. Throw in […]

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Don’t be an Asshole, Part one – Stop Lying

Photo:  BFLV OK – this is the first post in a series called “Don’t be an Asshole.”  The Don’t be an Asshole series will be made up of topics covering perfectly obvious things that tons of people forget or just don’t care about.  I know this is pretty basic, but I see it so often […]

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