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Thoughtful Giving (Content Marketing Done Well)

Have you ever known an awesome gift-giver? Someone who always has a really thoughtful or heartfelt gift, always remembers anniversaries, celebrates promotions, or sends a consoling care package. They just get you – and that’s evident in what they give you. On the other hand, have you ever known a terrible gift-giver? I know it […]

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Speaking Directly

I’m in China right now. Shanghai, to be exact. My wife is Chinese (thought she has more family in Taiwan than mainland China) so we come here from time to time. Every time we come to China, I renew my half-hearted attempt to learn and speak some Chinese. As anyone who’s tried will tell you, […]

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If You Really Want to Make Your Point, Start Stripping

Photo: brh_images This is a post I originally did for Brazen Careerist, a great blog for young professionals. The full post is now available below. Have you ever looked at your cluttered desk or closet and gotten the feeling that you have too much stuff? That all the possessions you own are actually starting to own you? Be […]

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Career Lessons from a Navy SEAL

Photo: Seaman Kyle Gahlau I’ve been reading the book No Easy Day about the raid that killed Usama Bin Laden (apparently the CIA and FBI use the “U” spelling of “Usama” so that’s good enough for me). The book is really interesting and definitely a great read if you’re into special forces operations. It also contains some […]

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Avoid the “Floor-Gaze”

Photo: Youssef Abdelaal Recently I started using a co-working space in downtown Chicago. It’s a great spot, really nice office, and a good way to get out and meet new people in the tech community. Yesterday when walking to the bathroom, I passed a man, I don’t know, maybe in his 50s. As soon as he saw me, he looked […]

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On Being Deliberate

Photo:  Mukumbura I really respect people who are deliberate. Those who act with purpose, who speak clearly, and for whom nothing is an accident. They are methodical, meaning there is a specific method to what they do and why. They might not know what they want, but they know what they are doing. These characteristics […]

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How to Connect With Your Boss

Photo:  Jackson Carson Want a quick way to connect with your boss? Show him or her that you understand what’s important to them. Whether it’s landing a certain kind of client, producing a certain deliverable, or hitting certain numbers, show that what’s important to him or her is what drives you.

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What You Say Matters

Photo:  Alfonso I was lucky enough to travel overseas recently, one of my favorite things to do in life. My wife and I were having a drink at our swim-up pool bar (also one of my favorite things to do in life), and ended up meeting another couple from Germany. Confusingly enough, he, Pepe, was […]

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