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Back to School

Photo: David Blaikie Returning to school after a summer away is a unique time in one’s life. Not because of the normal bullshit you hear like “you’re only young once” and not because co-eds are still sporting their summer wear, or because you’re finally free from the parental tyranny of life at home. No, returning […]

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A Condom Down the Pipes (Why colleges should teach more life skills)

Photo:  erika dot net A few months ago, one of my friends got a condom clogged in his toilet. Seriously. It wasn’t even his doing, but it did spark a conversation about how college prepares people (or doesn’t) for real life.

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If I Knew Then What I Know Now – College Major

Photo:  Daniel Griffin Remember Napoleon Dynamite? That movie was phenomenal, and Uncle Rico was my favorite character by far. A completely deluded and self-involved loser, Uncle Rico spent the whole movie obsessing about going back in time to play high school football again. His claims that “[if] coach woulda put me in, fourth quarter, we’da […]

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