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Ben Franklin and the Stolen iPad

Photo: nathanmac87 As I mentioned in my last post, I recently traveled to Asia. From Shanghai we went on to Taiwan, where most of my wife’s family still lives. After some time in Taipei, we went to picturesque Hualien (which was amazingly beautiful, if you’re ever so inclined. Hualien easily stands up to the likes of […]

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The Importance of Saying “No”

Photo:  Teresa Trimm You know those few people in your life that EVERYONE likes? They are just so damned positive, outgoing, funny, and pleasant to be around that they get along with the world. I’ve been lucky enough to know a few of those people in my life, but with one of them a key […]

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Why You Should Consider Taking That Sleazy Sales Job

Photo:  Donovan Green This is a post I originally did for Brazen Careerist, a great social network for Generation Y professionals. The article is now available in its entirety below. Recent college grads often think, “Meh/ugh (or some other whiny noise), I don’t want to do sales.” Either they think a sales job is beneath them, they don’t […]

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How to Look for a Job (and Why You Should)

Photo:  Brooks Elliott Of all the topics we cover on this blog, looking for a job is probably the most common. From job search strategies and tactics, to resume writing and interview tips, “finding a job” makes up the bulk of ApplyMate posts. Looking for a job sucks, but it’s a skill that is very […]

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If I Knew Then What I Know Now – College Major

Photo:  Daniel Griffin Remember Napoleon Dynamite? That movie was phenomenal, and Uncle Rico was my favorite character by far. A completely deluded and self-involved loser, Uncle Rico spent the whole movie obsessing about going back in time to play high school football again. His claims that “[if] coach woulda put me in, fourth quarter, we’da […]

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Three Things Every Young Professional Needs to Know

Photo:  Liza Lagman Sperl A lot of people are saying that college is not worth it these days. We have unparalleled access to information and technology, leading some to call college a waste of money. I don’t agree that an undergrad is a waste (though with grad school I’m more inclined to agree), because you […]

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