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5 In-Demand Health Care Careers

Below is a guest post from Sandra Mills where she talks about career prospects in the hot and growing health care field. Some great tips and stats in here. Finding a job these days can be insanely hard/annoying/stressful. Some people have been out of work for two years or more after being laid off and […]

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Target Breach – Were You a Victim? Find Out With Mint

By now, you’ve probably heard about the Target breach. In mid December, Target announced a massive credit card breach that took place before, during, and after Black Friday (11/27-12/15). Originally we thought the Target breach affected more than 40 million customers – those who shopped AT Target (not during that time had their financial information compromised. Now […]

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9 Ways to Improve Your Life (and the lives of those around you)

See #5 below Below is a list of ways to improve your life that have occurred to me over the past week or so. They aren’t always easy to follow, and I don’t claim to be a perfect practitioner, but they’re good to think about and work toward. All of them do require you to […]

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Use Your Major to Find the Best Career

This is a guest post by Josh Weiss-Roessler, co-owner of Weiss-Roessler Writing. Enjoy! So you went to college, chose a major based on your personality and interests, and now you’re wondering how to use it to find the best career. There’s nothing wrong with doing something you love in college – even if it’s one of those […]

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When I Refused to Represent a Terrorist

First I’ll tell the story, then I’ll get to the point. A few years back, one of the firms I worked for in DC was approached by a terrorist state. They wanted to hire us to do some PR and investment promotion. I’ll refrain from naming the country, but it’s near the Middle East, at […]

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Thoughtful Giving (Content Marketing Done Well)

Have you ever known an awesome gift-giver? Someone who always has a really thoughtful or heartfelt gift, always remembers anniversaries, celebrates promotions, or sends a consoling care package. They just get you – and that’s evident in what they give you. On the other hand, have you ever known a terrible gift-giver? I know it […]

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Dealing with Pressure

I recently signed up to do my first ultra marathon – a 50-mile trail race called The North Face Endurance Challenge. I’ve done regular marathons, but this is a totally new animal. New gear, new training methods, new paces, new nutrition – new everything. Arguably the best in the sport of ultra trail running is […]

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Networking – Who You Know is Up to You

I was talking with a friend yesterday about going to grad school, and the idea of networking came up. She mentioned that one of her company’s interns asked what she studied that allowed her to get her current job. She told the intern that, regardless of what degree you have, “it’s all about who you […]

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The Cost of “No” (and other lost opportunities)

When I was a kid, my dad used to make me go up to random kids and introduce myself. Not out of nowhere, but if they were playing pool or baseball, I had to endure the ignominy of walking up to them and saying, “Hi, my name’s Tim. Can I play?” I was always nervous, […]

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Open Your Eyes (professionally and personally)

During a nice, easy jog the other day, I started to really notice my surroundings. We’ve had a lot of rain lately, so everything is really green and healthy. Plus, this is my view from the Chicago lakefront path. Not too shabby. I realized I need to do that more often – take time to appreciate […]

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