9 Ways to Improve Your Life (and the lives of those around you)

9 Ways to Improve Your Life (Professional and Personal)
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Below is a list of ways to improve your life that have occurred to me over the past week or so. They aren’t always easy to follow, and I don’t claim to be a perfect practitioner, but they’re good to think about and work toward.

All of them do require you to be honest with yourself and avoid rationalizing, so if you can’t do that, don’t bother.

Improve Your Life

  1. Start every conversation or debate by thinking, “I could be wrong.” Do this mindfully and genuinely – because you could be. Yes, even you, and even on this subject.
  2. Don’t lie. Seriously, just don’t. “Paper” trails have never been easier to establish so you will get caught. Lying is dumb and thinking you’ll get away with it is even dumber.
  3. Don’t think you’re smarter than anyone or everyone. It makes you act recklessly (see #2 above) and it makes you difficult to be around. Oh and by the way, you’re not.
  4. When you are emailing someone, get to the point quickly – ideally by the second or third sentence. If your point is at the bottom of a long email, you lose. The person will not see it or, if they have to read your email, they’ll be annoyed it took you so long.
  5. People whose first reaction is to attack or malign tend to be the dumbest. You know that anxiety you get when you just don’t understand something or just don’t know what’s going on? That’s how those people feel all the time. So it makes sense that they lash out.
  6. Saying “no” or finding an excuse not to do something is so much easier than finding a reason TO do something (working out, learning a new skill, you name it). Amazing how often “no” is the default (and why saying “yes” is a good way to stand out).
  7. Because of number six, expect rejection. A lot of it. Saying “no” is just too easy, so selling or pitching something requires many points of contact. Sadly, most will not be wins.
  8. Public speaking is a great example of what to look for in a profitable idea. If most people are afraid to do something and can’t do it well, you’d better believe there’s money to be made
  9. When in doubt, just don’t be an asshole. Honestly taking this approach will lead you to the right decision almost every time.


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